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Along with the development of the times, now, social media is not only used to share messages, photos and videos. Many people have used social media as a place to make money.

Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is one of the social media with the most monthly active users (MAU) , which is around 2.89 billion people. This large number of MAU certainly provides great potential for everyone to earn income through the Facebook platform.

There are many ways that anyone from any background can make money on Facebook. For more details, come on, read the complete way to make money from Facebook below!

How to Make Money from Facebook

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There are many ways to make money through Facebook, from selling, participating in giveaways, the Facebook Gaming program, to affiliate marketing . In more detail, here’s how to make money from Facebook:

1. Selling on Facebook Fanpage/Page

Apart from personal profiles, Facebook Fanpage is a page specially designed to meet business needs in a professional manner.

For that, you have to be able to gather an audience first. After your Facebook page is big and has many followers, your product will be known by many people. Effective isn’t it?

2. Placing Ads

If you want everyone to know about your Facebook page, use advertising features so that the product gets a bigger chance to be reached and known by people. Facebook Ads is a feature that is in great demand, especially among business people.

Choose a visually appealing image or video to place as an advertisement. A few tips, you should use images or videos that can make you curious and steal the audience’s attention. Thus, advertisements can reach the attention of many audiences.

Learn well how to take advantage of Facebook Ads to produce commensurate results. You can watch various tips via Youtube.

Also keep in mind three things that you should pay attention to before installing Facebook Ads:

Purpose (Do you want to increase engagement with the audience or focus more on sales?)

Audience (Who is the target market for your business?)

Budget (How much money do you want to spend per day on advertising?)

3. Affiliate Marketing

Are you happy to share product recommendations with other people? If so, affiliate marketing could be the right choice for you!

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy that is increasingly being implemented by many companies. Why so? This is because many people trust more to buy recommended products.

One of the affiliate marketing programs that you can try is from Jumia, Konga, Amazon and others. Only by relying on links and sharing them on social media affiliate marketers can already receive a number of commissions. The more sales that come from shared links, the more commissions you will get.

4. Participate in the Giveaway

Like Instagram, many people or companies also hold giveaways on Facebook. The requirements of this giveaway vary, including one of which is following the Facebook page of the party holding the giveaway.

Generally, taking part in the giveaway also costs nothing at all. So, just take your time and if you’re lucky, you can win and get various attractive prizes, including cash.

5. Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook also presents a useful Facebook Fundraisers feature to help its users raise money with outside help. Reporting from the official Facebook site, there are several advantages that can be obtained with this feature, namely:

There are over 1 million non-profit organizations on Facebook that can support and raise money for personal causes such as medical or educational.

For donations to some nonprofit fundraisers, no fee is required. Meanwhile, personal fundraising only requires a low fee.

6. Join Facebook Groups

The next way to make money from Facebook is to join groups and help answer member questions. Choose a group that is in accordance with your area of ​​expertise so that your answers are weighty and can be trusted by many people.

That way, one day there will be many people who follow and support you. Even if you don’t make money directly, the trust you gain from this method can eventually pay off.

For example, you can share links from affiliate marketing or offer products in that group.

7. Facebook Gaming

If you are comfortable and aren’t shy about being in front of the camera, Facebook Gaming is a fun way to make money for you.

Released in 2018, Facebook Gaming allows its users to play games while live streaming. Content creators on Facebook Gaming can get income from three sources, namely ads (ads), stars (Facebook Gaming currency), and fan support (subscriptions).

Wow, interesting isn’t it? What’s more, there are already many people who have managed to earn an income of 500,000-5,000,000 naira per month.

8. Finding Bugs

Facebook and other large companies always try to keep their websites secure. For this reason, Facebook launched a Bug Bounty program, which will provide a number of commissions to the general public who find security holes or bugs on the website.

This payment will be obtained if the deficiency has not been reported to Facebook.

9. Influencer Marketing

In the midst of intense competition, brands or business people are competing to carry out various marketing strategies in order to reach their consumers properly.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that is widely used by brands. Not only on Instagram, you can also become an influencer on Facebook, especially if the brand wants to focus on building its Facebook social media. Income will be obtained from the endorsement or paid promotion that you have done.

Thus, various ways to make money from Facebook. It’s not difficult is it? As long as there is will and hard work, everything can be achieved properly!


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