9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

It’s a fact that a wedding anniversary comes once a year, your first wedding anniversary only happens once. So, it has to be perfect by all the possible means.

A couple expects so much from each other, especially on the first anniversary of their marriage, and it’s natural. Although people get busy and don’t find enough time for each other, wedding anniversary has to be all about them, and nothing else.

If your anniversary is approaching, and you are unsure how to celebrate it to make your partner’s day, here’s what you need to know:

1. Eat A Wedding Cake In A Romantic Spot

There is no way you can celebrate your wedding anniversary without having a cake cutting ceremony. It’s a tradition to eat the top layer of cake on your anniversary, and you should choose a romantic place to cut your marriage anniversary cake.

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Rather than choosing an ordinary cake, take your imaginations to the next level and come up with a cake that can astonish your partner.

Moreover, there is no need to stay at your house when you have to eat your wedding cake. A moonlit beach or a soothing park can make you remember your first anniversary.

2. Exchange Thoughtful Gifts

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

It’s always great to receive a gift from your lover. Your wedding anniversary won’t be completed without exchanging presents with each other.

As a husband, a necklace, a bracelet, jade roller, or a makeup kit can be perfect picks as gifts for girlfriend or wife. On the other hand, a wife can satisfy her husband by giving him a watch, or a shirt, which he can use on a daily basis.

Expert tip: Always keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your partner while exchanging gifts.

3. Take A Second Honeymoon

Time flies as long as you are with your soulmate. The honeymoon period is undoubtedly the most memorable time for any couple, isn’t it? How about you plan your second honeymoon to bring all those memories back?

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

There is absolutely no need to empty your pocket when you are planning your honeymoon. Any amorous spot can be an ingenious option to kick off the second of your marriage.

Make sure you remain together for as long as possible and enjoy your first anniversary as if it’s the biggest day of your life.

4. Send Romantic Messages And Quotes To One Another

First of all, we recommend both of you take days off and spend time with one another. If you two are not together, you can simply send romantic messages to your partner to show the amount of love you possess.

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Even if you two are job-holders and planned to spend the later part of your day together, sending lovey-dovey texts to each other is cute.

5. Revisit Your First Date

The first place where couples meet always has significant importance in their hearts. Why don’t you go back to that same place and relive those moments? You cannot even imagine how relaxing and intimating it can be for both of you because it’ll bring your dating days back.

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Most probably, you have met in a restaurant, so go there and try to have the same seat where you had your first lunch or dinner together. That particular place will definitely make you remember how you guys fell in love with each other.

6. Plan An Exciting Vacation

No matter how busy or occupied you are, make sure you find time to plan an exciting vacation for your wedding anniversary. We know most people face issues related to finance, which can be a hindrance to your tour, but you cannot ignore the importance of it.

Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

If you don’t have enough money, there is nothing to worry about. We have got you covered. A nearby place can do wonders for you when you are together because the basic purpose of this tour is to give time to each other like you used to do in your dating days.

7. Do Absolutely Nothing Together

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything out of the box to please your partner. Being with your lover is all you need to make yourself happy.

9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Stay together and do absolutely nothing. Sounds silly? It’s actually not. Once you do that, we bet you’ll find inner peace because, for a day, you don’t have to worry about the outside world.

Expert Opinion: Turn your mobile phone and computer off to make sure both of you have a complete day for each other without any interruption.

8. Watch Your Wedding Video

Watching your wedding video is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world to relive those moments. Watching both of you as groom and bride will surely be a source of satisfaction for you.

9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Why don’t you spice things up and plan a romantic candlelight dinner at your place along with watching your marriage movie? We bet this will help you enjoy a couple of hours in one of the most romantic manners.

9. Have A Bath Together And End Your Day On A High

Although it’s been a year since you two are together, yet you need to keep your marriage romance alive. People often ignore how precious moments are because they are too much worried about their financial situation.

9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Get everything out of your mind, and have a tantalizing bath with your lover. If the shower isn’t your type of thing, how about you fill the bathtub to take a bath together?

Top-Notch Suggestion: Use bubble bath and body wash products that have a gorgeous aroma to relax with your soulmate. The aroma will take you close to one another.

Once you are done taking a bath, sleep together under the stars to remember how amazing this year was for both of you.

Final Words

If you have found a life partner who loves you and cares for you, consider yourself a lucky human being. We hope that the aforementioned wedding anniversary ideas will make you remember this day for the rest of your life.


9 Lovey-Dovey Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable
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