8 Ways This President Has Harmed Our Citizens

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Wouldn’t it make sense, if we demanded, from all our elected, public officials, an enforceable oath, similar, to that, which physicians, do, with their Hippocratic Oath, stating, they will abide by a strict ethical code, and, especially, Do No Harm? Shouldn’t we demand, elected officials, and especially, the individual, elected to hold, the highest office, in the land, prioritize the common/ greater good, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Both, during his campaign for office, as well as during his term, to – date, President Donald Trump, seems to, on several occasions, violated this sacred – trust. He appears to focus on populist, very short – term challenges, rather than following expert advice, and planning, and acting, in the most, well – considered, relevant, sustainable manner! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 8 ways, and areas, where this President’s actions, and/ or, failure to proceed, have risked us, both today, and into the future.

1. Pandemic response, and ramifications: From, his apparent, either, overlooking, not believing, or paying insufficient attention to the earliest warnings, and refusing the test – kits, offered, and better protecting the health, and well – being/ public health, of the general public, to his, apparently ignoring/ minimizing expert recommendations, his approach, seemed to make this pandemic, even more dangerous, and fatal! Trump was not responsible for this health danger/ threat, but, many studies indicate, if, the closings occurred, one, or two weeks, earlier, tens of thousands of lives, would be saved! It’s important to also, realize, in 3 years, he never prioritized public health, reducing the budget support, and importance of the Center for Disease Control, and/ or, the Pandemic Committee!

2. Enabling haters: Many believe, Trump’s rhetoric, and behavior, in terms of his apparent name – calling, vitriol, etc, and, willingness to equate those, who protest injustice, with, apparent hate – groups, such as White Supremacists, etc, has enabled the haters, and made them, believe, they were justified, to proceed, in an apparently, racist manner!

3. Failing to address Climate Change: From, removing the U.S., from the Paris Accords, to seeming to, often, deny the dangers of Climate Change, the President’s actions, and, willingness to procrastinate about such, an important issue, has risked future generations, and creating a viable solution, to minimize these risks, etc.

4. Reversing/ eliminating environmental protections: For decades, our Presidents have, largely, attempted to better protect, this nation, in terms of environmental protections, especially, in terms of Clean Air and Clean Water. President Trump has permitted dumping in streams, promoted one of the dirtiest energy sources (coal), de – emphasized renewable energy usage, eliminated expanding car mileage standards, etc. This type of behavior, is dangerous, and irresponsible, especially, in terms of, how we leave, this planet, to future generations!

5. Constitutional guarantees: If we fail to emphasize all the guarantees, provided by our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, what will become, of this nation?

6. Widening income inequality: Instead of focusing on improving the lot – in – life, of our middle and working classes, and neediest Americans, the tax legislation, this President, often, points to proudly, as an achievement, actually, has widened the income inequality, and predominantly benefited the wealthiest citizens, and corporations!

7. Women’s Rights: After all these years, the average pay, for women, is significantly lower, for men, holding the same type of positions. In addition, Trump’s focus on satisfying his evangelical base, has, created, a real threat, to a Woman’s Right to Choose!

8. Human Rights: We must demand, human rights, become a relevant, sustainable priority! In the past three years, many believe, many of these freedoms, and rights, such as Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, etc, have been, under – pressure!

Wake up, America, because, if you don’t, this nation will be unrecognizable, in the future. Protect us, today, and into the future, before it’s too late!

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Source by Richard Brody

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