6 Ways, We’re Seeing Diversion, Used As A Tool/ Weapon

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Whether, one voted for, or against him, all should agree, President Donald Trump, clearly demonstrated, during his election campaign, as well as, all the way, up to, today, we have rarely, if ever, witnessed any politician, who dominated media coverage (and, thus, received the equivalent of free promotion/ advertising), as effectively, as he has! While, this attracts many of his core supporters, I strongly believe, it is an effective effort, at diverting attention, away from areas, he wishes ignored, and focused on ways, to further his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest! With that in mind, this article will, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 ways, we are witnessing diversion, as a tool, and/ or weapon.

1. Attacking his opponents: The so – called, Trump Play Book, emphasizes, always going, on the aggressive, against anyone, or thing, which, either, opposes his focus, ideas, programs, statements/ rhetoric, or questions him. It rarely seems to matter, to him, whether his rhetoric is fully – backed, or reinforced, by the facts, and the more people, question or disagree, or state opposing positions, and substantiated facts, the more he doubles – down, on his position.

2. Lies and misstatements: According to the Washington Post, and Political Fact Check, President Trump, has made, well over 10, 000 misstatements/ lies, etc, since assuming office on January 20, 2017. What the purpose of many of these, confuses many of us, but, it seems, many are either, an attempt to hide something, and/ or, at least, divert our attention, from more serious matters/ issues!

3. Claiming he’s being persecuted, and/ or, mistreated: Although Mr. Trump, often, states, he’s treated far worse, than any of his predecessors, many would disagree with that analysis! Is it persecution, when the media does its job, which is, to report the news, and identify, what they believe, the public deserves to know, especially about potential misconduct, etc? Surely, President Obama, who often, was mistreated, regarding minor issues, and disagreements, and President Carter, who the Press, seemed to criticize, freely, might disagree, with today’s occupant of the White House, on this matter/ issue!

4. Creating conflicts: Whether it’s his rhetoric, regarding the need for his Southern Wall, or his unique style, regarding established agreements, including the Paris Accords, NATO, NAFTA, and the Iran Nuclear Agreement, perhaps, the best way, to describe his overall policy preference, is creating some sort of chaos. Unfortunately, it often seems, little, to no consideration, is, often, paid, to the potential ramifications and risks, of these actions/ policies!

5. The Wall: In recent memory, few issues, have created, as much polarization, as his proposed, Southern Wall. The attempt, to focus on immigration implications, rather than, what others, believe is, emphasizing, divisiveness, often dominates the news.

6. Rhetoric, vitriol, controversies: We have never witnessed, the degree of rhetoric, and vitriol, we are observing, today! His war – of – words, has created controversies, etc, especially, in the areas of womens’ rights, human rights, and attempting to unify the nation!

Either, what we are seeing, is evil, politics (at its worst), or a clever strategy, to divert our attention, from some of the misbehavior and misdeeds, of this administration. Wake up, America, and demand, better, and more, before this becomes the norm for future administrations!

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Source by Richard Brody

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