6 Tips You Can Use to Win Solitaire Games Easily

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Do you love playing Solitaire but hate to lose? Solitaire is one of the oldest card games to play which is simple if you know the tips and tricks and can prove to be difficult if you blindly start playing it. Before we tell you about the tips that you can use to win solitaire games easily, it’s time for a small introduction about the game.

Solitaire​ is a single-player game with many different variations such as ​FreeCell​, Spider, Klondike. The standard version comprises 52 playing cards. To win the game, the players need to create 4 piles of the 4 suits as upside-down cards. Just like most of the card games, even Solitaire depends on a tiny bit of luck and hence, not all the games are winnable. However, with the right strategy, you can win most of the games. Let’s now start with the tips.

1. Work on the larger stacks first
For finding the hidden cards, you should start exposing the larger stacks at first. With a larger stack, the probability of finding useful cards in the game increases. If you are lucky enough to find any useful card in the pile, you can begin a smooth game right from the start. After revealing a card from the upper deck in your first move, your next move should be working on the largest stacks.

2. In an absence of a king, don’t empty a spot
A rookie mistake that most of the newbie makes is emptying a spot by removing all the cards from the slot altogether. If you don’t have a kind, that is a huge mistake. Wondering why? It is because only a king can be placed in that slot. If you don’t have a king, the slot will remain empty. The result? An entire column is blocked and you will have to keep waiting for a king. Therefore, there is no advantage in emptying a slot with a missing king.

3. Take care of the colours
When you have two kings in two different colours, you will have to decide properly the king that you want to place in the empty space. The colour that you choose would be the one that you would be piling in that slot. The easy way to decide it is by having a look at the colour of the Queen and Jack cards. However, if neither a Queen nor a Jack is available, you can decide by looking at the top card of each column. Then, you can decide which king would prove to be more beneficial.

4. In your first move, reveal the first deck card
In order to prevent unnecessary flipping of the hidden cards, most of the players try building their piles by moving cards here and there without flipping a card from the upper deck. However, it is advisable that in the very first move, the player should flip a card in the upper deck. With the revealed card, the options increase for the gamers. The added option will help you to build the foundation decks properly

5. Don’t build ace stacks right away

When all the cards are easily available, the temptation to build the ace stacks might be high. But that isn’t the right move to make. If you build ace stacks right away, you might end up losing the cards which you would need for managing your piles below. Before you place any ace stacks, think carefully and ask yourself if you would be needing the card below.

6. Don’t shuffle the cards blankly
Moving the cards aimlessly for simply building up the stocks is not a wise move. In doing so, you might lock other valuable cards. Only move cards in the game when you have a move in your mind. Without a proper strategy, moving cards can result in victory.

With these tips, winning a game of solitaire will be easy for you. Even if you run tough in luck, the game will be interesting for sure. You can, of course, apply these tips and tricks but do you know what is the most important thing to do? Well, it is to learn the rules of the game. If you don’t know the rules of Solitaire, even these tip won’t help you. Therefore, before you start applying these tips, go through the rules once.

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