4 Key Reasons, Trump’s Blaming California, For Fires, Lacks Merit Or Understanding

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Record – setting, floods, ice melting at Earth’s poles, damaging hurricanes, and our West Coast forests, on – fire, etc, may be coincidence, or, indicative of significant warning signs of Climate Change! However, President Donald Trump, often, minimizes the potential harm from what was formerly, referred to, as, Global Warming, even, proclaiming, his removing this nation, from the Paris Accords, was a great accomplishment, and beneficial, to the United States. With much of the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, and California), have been experiencing horrific fires, for quite some period, and, rather, than sending help from the Federal Government, Trump has continuously, stated, it is mostly due, to what he calls, Forest Management, and, states, he was told by European leaders, raking the forests, is a necessary precaution! Since, the State of California, is, only, in – charge of a very small percentage of the forests in that state, and nearly all the relevant scientists, and climate experts, state, mankind has been responsible for much of these changes, this President’s proclamations seem to be, either, politically – motivated, denial, inconvenient, or not part of his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 key reasons, he is, most – likely, wrong.

1. California forests are 57% owned by Federal Govt, and only, 3% are state – controlled: The U.S. Forest Service, and/ or, the Federal Bureau of Land Management, own, and operate/ control, approximately, 57% of that state’s forests. The state only controls about 3%, and the balance are privately, and/ or, corporate – owned/ operated. If Trump believed, what he states, why doesn’t he rake the Federal forests, and manage them better?

2. Raking isn’t effective: Despite the President’s proclamation, raking has very little, meaningful impact, and/ or, effect, in terms of controlling forest fires. The so – called, European leaders, he states, informed him, how raking has helped them, universally, have denied, either they do, or ever, informing Trump, of what, he states!

3. Climate Change: Most experts claim, the increase in number, and severity of California’s forest fires, is predominantly due to the effects of Climate Change. The lack of sufficient rain, the extremely high temperatures, degree of winds, etc, are considered, by nearly everyone, except this President, as the predominant factors!

4. Without trees, risk erosion: The trees are significant, in terms of many aspects, of the quality, and overall, safety, of life, in that state, and region! Trees are necessary to maintain cleaner air, etc, and, every time, trees, burn – down, etc, the significant risk of widespread erosion, becomes a greater concern, etc!

Instead of rhetoric, and uninformed theories, the West Coast, needs the help of the Federal government, in controlling the over – riding, impacts, and ramifications of Climate Change. This is another area, this President’s procrastination, and blaming and complaining, has endangered, and harmed our nation, this region, and the Earth!

4 Key Reasons, Trump's Blaming California, For Fires, Lacks Merit Or Understanding

Source by Richard Brody

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