Natural Weight Loss and Dieting with Oolong Tea and Pu erh tea

Pu erh tea is a dark fermented tea from Western China. During its process, the tea leaves are dried, rolled, then they undergo fermentation. Chinese people call pu erh tea black tea, however, it is not the same as Western black teas; those are called red teas in Chinese culture.

Oolong tea has a reputation of burning fat and boosting metabolism. Chinese people use oolong tea for thousands of years as a weight loss tea. Modern science also approves oolong.

According to researchers, those who drink oolong tea burn more calories, and their fat oxidation is 12 percent higher after consuming oolong tea. Both of these are classified as slimming tea or weight loss tea. If you need to loose weight then diet the right way with natural ways using tea.

this will work for burning fat on the stomach, just take the tea 1 hour before exercise and your weight loss diet will work. But first you must use discipline to get your ass into gear, get up and be what you want to be, its up to you and no one else. Good Luck

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