Jobs in Canada 2023 Nigerian (₦12 Million Salary)

Canada Job Market Open for 2023 Find Jobs with Free Work Permits: For Nigeran finding a job in Canada can be one of the most challenging experiences you will encounter.

Canada is currently hiring for various positions in the hospitality industry, including Front Desk Agent, Room Attendant, Housekeeping, Dishwashers, and Security Officer. These roles involve customer service, cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, washing dishes, and ensuring the safety and security of guests and the property.

The hassle of sifting through job listings on websites and newspapers to find the right job. In most cases people look for opportunities abroad as they see it as a chance to secure a better life for their families. Canada has achieved the foremost position in providing job opportunities in its country.

According to the latest statistics 25% of the workforce in Canada is made up of immigrants. Another report predicts that immigrants will constitute 24-30% of the labor market in Canada by 2023. The reason is simple. The logic is simple.

As many older individuals exit the workforce, it leaves a significant gap in the economy. This problem is further exacerbated by Canada’s aging population. That’s why Canada wants people from other countries to come and work there, this is good for those who are searching for a job especially Nigerian.

We have made a list of jobs currently available in Canada that provide sponsorship for visa and their average salaries that may interest some of you. This will make things easier for you.

jobs in canada 2023

1. Room Attendant Jobs at Hotels in Canada

The opulent ambiance and impeccable service of luxury hotels are often attributed to the hard work and dedication of the behind-the-scenes staff. Without their tireless efforts in maintaining the property, the guests’ experiences at these posh establishments would not be complete. Room attendants are professionals responsible for ensuring the rooms are well-presented and creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. This type of work does not require educational certifications. Prior experience is also not necessary for those looking interested to apply for Room Attendant Jobs at Hotels in Canada.

The average salary for room attendants in Canadian hotels is CAD$19-22 per hour (about 7400 NGN). The average salary for room attendants in Canadian hotels is CAD$19-22 per hour (about 7400 NGN). Some employers provide additional benefits such as health insurance, dental care and housing allowance.

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa Ltd, Pasutto’s Hotels (1984) Ltd, Gnosis Hotel Management Inc., Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel.

2. Housekeeping Jobs in Canada

The shortage of personnel in Canada has necessitated the acceptance of foreign workers. Housekeeping is among the many positions that do not require any prior experience or educational qualification.

The hourly wage for housekeepers in Canada ranges from CAD$16- CAD$25 (around 8000 NGN), depending on the employer.

Pangea Pod Hotel, Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Mountain View Inn & Suites, Cogir.

2. Dishwashers Jobs in Canada

A kitchen overrun with dirty dishes presents a formidable challenge for anyone, particularly in the demanding and high-stakes settings of restaurants and hotels where cleanliness and order are paramount for maintaining a good reputation and ensuring food safety.

A scrupulously clean kitchen eases the task of cooks and guarantees that dishwashers have the appropriate equipment to execute their role, while also guaranteeing that diners receive shiny cutlery. As with the job positions previously mentioned, no diploma or educational qualifications are required for this work.

On average, the pay offered for dishwasher work is CAD$30k-41k per annum (Around 12 million Nigerian Naira). Some Canadian hotels also provide employee discounts on food, which is an added benefit.

Simeon’s Restaurant Ltd, Whitespot, Peace Valley Inns, Lulu Bar.

4. Security Officer Jobs in Canada

Monitoring the security for big companies is another role that could pique the interest of some of you. Unlike the other job positions discussed previously at voiceofnigeria, certain companies have specific requirements for this type of work, which may include:

  1. Having some experience in this field (6 months at least)
  2. Good Judgment and proactive solution skills
  3. Proficient in technology
  • Minimum Educational Requirements

High school diploma

CAD$21-23 per hour is offered by some companies for security officer jobs in Canada.

Synterra Security Solutions LP, Shangri-La Hotels, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd, Pinnacle Protection Services Inc.

5. Front desk Agent Jobs in Canada

Front desk agents are in charge of checking guests in and out of their rooms in hotels and resorts.  This type of work requires qualification in hospitality or other related fields. Additionally, following skills are considered an asset for career growth in this field.

  1. Refined interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Ability to maintain good customer relations
  3. Technological expertise
  4. Ability to maintain a friendly persona

CAD$25k-65k per year is offered by some hotels with added bonuses like staff accommodation and discounts to front desk officers.

Cabot Cape Breton, RKS Hotels Group, Four Seasons, Canada’s Best Value Suite & Inns.

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