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There are several crops you can plant and harvest within 3 months especially for rainy season farming. This means from sowing till they become available for sale, it will only take about 90 days.

These crops afford you to cash out in less time. The risk is lower because the more time crops spend on farmland the more the risk.

*These are some of the crops you can harvest within 3 months in Nigeria;*

*1. Watermelon*
Varieties: Sweet Sangria F1, Kaolack, Odyssey F1, Eghali F1, Andaman etc.
Watermelon has an average planting period of 75 days and can grow in all parts in Nigeria. It can weigh up to 9kg with good acceptability in the market. You can plant and harvest watermelon about 3-4 times yearly. Supply it with adequate water and apply required fertilizers.

You can get 2 tons on one hectare.
It does better in hot and dry climate – this is the reason it’s mostly cultivated in the Northern part of Nigeria. The beginning and toward the end of the rainy season is best for watermelon. The reason for this is because of the low humidity levels associated with this period.

*2. Cucumber*
Varieties: Darina F1, Greengo F1, Farmers Pride, Ashley, Monalisa F1 etc.

Cucumber is one fruit that’s highly profitable within 3 months of planting. Many farmers often refer to cucumber as “the money crop”. The reason is because you can make huge profit from it in a short time.
Harvesting can run for up to 2 months. A rough estimate (About 1,500 bags in one hectare) depending on variety and management practice adopted.

*3. Tomatoes*
Varieties: Platinum F1, Sahara F1, Cobra 26 F1, Maxim F1, Kilele F1 etc

Tomatoes are one of the favorite food crops of Nigeria’s backyard farming. It’s one profitable agribusiness you can easily venture into.
You may need to set up irrigation system to maximize production and maintain an even moisture supply to the crop.

Rough estimate: about 90 tons of tomato fruits per hectare). Tomatoes alone takes out over ₦100 billion annually from Nigerians.

Posted : 13/10/2022 1:20 pm
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Keys that determine successful farming.

Preparation birth success.The best way to prepare is to get adequate information and set your priority rigth.

Farming is timing.
Farming is risk.
Farming is evergreen business.
Farming is a lucrative business.
Farming is the new oil.
Anyone can farm.
Farming need capital.


1.Feasibility study
2.Land purchase/documentation
3.Land clearing.
4.Getting the rigth seeds/suckers,animal e.t.c

Here are fourteen crops specialty worth growing.

1.Oil palm
15. Cassava
17. Rubber
18.Biter kola
19. Glimena
20. Teak


Posted : 03/11/2022 6:59 pm
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DESCRIPTION : Cashew is an economic tree with great foreign exchange potentials.Is one of the highest income earner along side Cocoa.Cashew can withstand drier conditions than most but bearing trees.They will survive with as little as 500mm of rainfall but the optimum annual rainfall is 1750mm.The fruits of cashew consist of a large fleshy " Apple" below which suspends a single nut.Within this nut is the kernel for which the tree is grown.The Apple usually have a bitter taste with its red texture. It is high in Vitamin C though a bit acidic. However,yellow cashew apple is usually sweet and good to eat unlike the red.

VARIETY : Brazilian and indian.
It has 3 sizes.

TEMPRATURE : Day temperatures for growing cashews should not drop below 10°C (50F), and cashew trees handle temperatures above 40°C (105F) well. An average day temperature of around 25°C (77F) is ideal. As long as they have some water cashew trees grow like weeds. They are fairly draught resistant and grow well even on marginal soils where other fruit trees would fail. The best soils for growing cashews are tropical low land in sandy soil.You can grow cashew trees anywhere in the wet/dry tropics. The main producers of cashew nuts are Brazil, India, Vietnam, Africa (Tanzania and Mozambique) and South East Asia.Nigeria is also a high producer of cashew in the world.

LAND PREPARATION : Before planting cashew the field or land should be carefully cleared and burned to make for a weed free seed bed.Select a well drained soil that is protected from strong winds.

PLANTING / SOWING :Cashew can be propagated by seeds. Selection of the right seed from good trees for planting is of great importance. Get your seed crop from a high yielding tree.This is because dense seeds are most likely to germinate.You can also buy Cashew seedlings for planting directly to the farm.

Cashew maturity period is 2/3 years.
Once it mature it naturally drop from the trees.
The nuts are sold to exporters, there are people that give farmers money ahead of harvesting period. February up ward.

The Apple are eatable and it is also process into juice and wine, eatable nuts,milk. Cashew has alot of health benefits.
This makes the tree a money making tree. Nigeria cashew farmers makes alot of money on the nuts alone.

Cashew plantation can be intercrop with plantain, pawpaw,maize e .t.c

Posted : 07/02/2023 4:35 pm

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